BTS revealed their dream is to win a Grammy Award

BTS is currently one of the most popular Asian stars. After appearing on popular shows such as “The Ellen Show” or “America’s Got Talent”, BTS has officially appeared at “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” recently – one of the America’s best show.

Here, the group shared their feelings after achieving many huge accomplishments. Suga also expressed his ambition, confidently said that “BTS is targeting Grammy”. Right after that, the host Jimmy Fallon also called out to fans around the world to make hashtag #BTSGrammy become popular worldwide.

Almost immediately, #BTSGrammy and #BTSonFallon continued to climb the top trend in the US, Korea and then top world trend in Twitter. With the current fan base, targeting a prestigious music award which asks for votes from fans is not an impossible goal for BTS. However, with Grammy Award, it looks like BTS will have to do a lot of things.

What do you think about this? Will BTS be able to win Grammy Award?

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