BTS released trailer “Epiphany” for the new album “Love Yourself: Answer”

BTS has just dropped their trailer “Epiphany” for next album “Love Yourself: Answer”, the last piece of the 2-year-old series

Big hit Entertainment recently released the trailer “Epiphany” which features BTS‘s eldest, Jin. ARMYs have successfully predicted the trailer’s name, however, the fans still expressed a shocking reaction at Jin‘s transformation. The worldwide handsome guy showed his angelic voice in a ballad song infused with the sentimental instruments and heart-wrenching melody. The song portrays a person’s strong desire to be loved for his true self and his own soul.

At the end of the video, the story continues with a narrative: “I am back to where I started after the end of the journey in finding myself. What I need to find ultimately is the beginning of everything and a milestone which is the map of a soul. That is something that everyone has but not all can find… I am about to find that now.

BTS never stops amaze the fans with their high-quality musical productions. The “Epiphany” trailer is the opening for their repackaged album to be released this August 24th. With such a sentimental and angelic trailer, the fans can’t wait to see what aspect BTS will share in the next album.

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