BTS released the tracklist for their new album “Love Yourself: Answer”

The final tracklist for “Love Yourself: Answer” is finally revealed 5 days before the comeback of BTS.

Today August 19th, Big Hit Entertainment and BTS have just released the latest tracklist for their upcoming album “Love Yourself: Answer”. This album is the last piece of the “Love Yourself” series and it’s a repackaged version. Therefore, the tracklist consists some of the previous songs like DNA, Fake Love,… The album consists of A and B side, with the combination of songs from both “Love Yourself: Tear” and “Love Yourself: Her”.

The album also has numerous new tracks as the boys mentioned before. Notably, there will be a full version of “Serendipity” by Jimin and “Euphoria” with its official audio version. Moreover, ARMYs are buzzing with excitement as they see the names of the new songs. With some interesting names such as “Just Dance”, “Love”, “I’m Fine” and “IDOL”, fans can’t help but wonder if the album is going to talk about the life behind the scenes of the idols or not. The title song hasn’t been announced yet, but the tracklist only had the ability to make fans jump up and down with excitement. With 5 more days to go, BTS’s last album before the world tour is going to drop very soon.

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