BTS released MV Life Goes On: fans were excited with V’s visual, JungKook almost disappeared in the MV?

BTS officially made their 3rd comeback this year with the album BE and title song Life Goes On. Can it meet the expectations of global audiences after the success of MV Dynamite?

On November 20, BTS officially released the MV Life Goes On – the title song of the album BE.  This is the 3rd music product in 2020 of the “global music group.”  The 7 members also directly participate in the entire production process, promising to be the most “BTS” album ever.

The lyrics of Life Goes On are about people who face an unexpected turn and sudden disruption.  Although the melody in the 2 teasers seems gentle and slow, this song is  is an alternative hip hop genre song with a sentimental guitar sound. RM, j-hope and SUGA participated in composing the song.  The members’ inspirational vocals provide a comforting message that “life goes on” even through difficult circumstances.

In terms of MV, fans were extremely excited to hear that Jungkook directed the MV Life Goes On.  Without disappointing viewers, the maknae BTS and crew brought dreamy films depicting the daily life of 7 boys when unable to meet fans and getting used to the “new normal” state.  

MV Life Goes On’s colors are mixed between warm tones and black and white scenes, exuding a sense of simplicity, closeness but also sadness. The 7 members are all handsome, but V’s visual still stands out. It seems that because Jungkook is the director, he doesn’t have many scenes in the MV.

With MV Life Goes On, BTS continues to apply the form of live broadcast on YouTube.  At the end, this MV reached 3.1 million viewers at the same time.  If this result is confirmed, then Life Goes On will be the MV with the highest number of views premiere, breaking the record of Dynamite (3 million people).

Before the comeback, BTS held a press conference to introduce the album BE, but SUGA was unable to participate due to shoulder injury.  The new album includes 8 tracks.  Except for Dynamite, Skit is a conversation that captures the true feelings of BTS when they heard that they were at the top of the Hot 100 chart, and the remaining 6 songs were all composed by the participating members.  In addition, BTS also formed 2 sub-unit, showing 2 songs on the album, Fly To My Room (SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V) and Stay (RM, Jungkook, Jin).

With the latest album, BTS expressed mixed feelings about the life situation in the middle of the pandemic – fear and anxiety, but still full of determination to overcome the challenge.  BE contains the emotions and contemplation of the boys throughout the year, thereby continuing the present journey.  This product not only contains the healing message but also the passion of BTS, so fans hope the album will be more successful than ever.

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