BTS once again tops the Boy Group Brand Ranking chart, followed by Wanna One and Nu’est W

BTS took the top spot in the brand reputation chart of September

Based on the Korea Institute for Enterprise Evaluation‘s analysis of boy groups’ 110,532,263 big data from August 8th to September 9th, the group that ranked 1st place was BTS, followed by WANNA ONE and NU’EST W.

The brand reputation index is an indicator created by analyzing brand big data, indicating how consumers’ online habits greatly affect a boy group’s brand consumption. The boy group reputation index can measure the positive assessment of media attention and consumer interest.

At 1st place, BTS was analyzed with participation index of 5,654,088, 5,532,416 for media index, 6,058,023 for Communication Index and 7,845,724 for Community Index. Compared to the brand reputation index in August, it rose 71.71%.

Head of Korea Institute of Enterprise Evaluation Koo Chang-hwan revealed that BTS’s brand ranking No. 1 in the analysis of big data in August 2018 has been shown in link analysis with “Surprising, Good, Thankful.” Keyword analysis highly analyzed “Billboard, Idol, Concert.” The positive ratio analysis showed that the positive ratio was 93.44%. According to the BTS’ three analyzed sections, brand consumption rose 67.86%, brand interest rose 96.4%, brand communication rose 58.3%, and brand proliferation rose 70.57%.
Below are the top30 of this month:

  1. BTS
  2. Wanna One
  3. NU’EST W
  5. EXO
  6. NCT
  7. The Boyz
  8. BTOB
  11. Stray Kids
  12. SHINee
  13. MONSTA X
  14. Super Junior
  15. MXM
  16. VIXX
  18. WINNER
  19. iKON
  20. ASTRO
  21. Shinhwa
  22. TVXQ
  23. BEAST
  24. JBJ
  26. SF9
  27. Highlight
  28. Golden Child
  29. 2PM
  30. B.A.P

Source: StarDailynews

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