BTS, nominee for Grammy…”we are very nervous”

BTS was nominated for the Grammy Awards and with being nominated they are nervous but try not be shaken by their emotions

On the 8th, with the interview with AP BTS mentioned “We put our feet on the ground and try to do what we do”.

Billboard honors BTS

BTS is nominated for the ‘Best Pop Duo/Group Performance’ category of the 63rd Grammy Awards held on the 14th. They are the first Korean singer to be selected as a candidate and perform as well.

BTS will perform at Grammy 2021

Leader RM confessed, “To be honest, I don’t expect too much (in relation to the award) because I hate to be disappointed. I feel confused because I have to compete with prominent pop stars such as Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift.

BTS and Twice changed

Jimin said, “I still can’t believe this is real. I am so grateful that I can’t express myself with words to be nominated for Grammy and get to perform on the stage.


Jungkook thanked the fans, saying, “More than anyone else, I definitely felt the bond with ARMY, that we liked when we became a Grammy candidate.

BTS, nominee for Grammy..."we are very nervous"

RM mentioned, “I’m working on new music. Our members are also preparing solo music, so ARMY can expect a lot this year.

Sources: koreadispatch

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