BTS’ new achievement – outstanding speech at UN

BTS has added their UN speech to their collection of many achievements.

The boy group will attend the youth agenda called ‘Generation Unlimited’ by UNICEF on Wednesday (April 24th ). On that day, the UN secretary, top – level personnel and First Ladies as well as others will listen to the boys’ speech.

BTS debuted in 2013 with the single album ‘2 COOL 4 SKOOL’. In the same year, they also received important Korean awards, including the ones from MMA (Melon Music Awards).

In 2016, they were awarded the Asia Artist Award Best Icon and became Asia’s leading music group. In 2017 and 2018, they won the Top Social Artist Award of Billboard Music Awards and became world stars.

BTS is the first Korean group to perform at the American Stadium. The group was also the first Korean group to reach first place on the Billboard Main chart (Billboard 200). To see them, foreign fans even camped on the street waiting for them. On the 24th, the music video of “Spring Day” broke the record of 200 million views, and it was also their 10th MV to have reached the achievement. As a result, they broke the record to have the biggest number of music videos reaching 200 million views among Korean singers.

Following those, they have also received Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, Grammy Music Awards.

Chuseok holiday (Mid-Autumn holiday) is also the reason why people from all over the world are paying attention to BTS’ United Nations speech after their World Tour “Love Yourself” performance in Hamilton, Canada.

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