BTS Jungkook’s songs constantly swept first places on music charts

“Still With You”, a self-composed song by BTS Jungkook, has climbed to the top spot on music charts, while other solo songs also achieve remarkable results.

On June 6th, the U.S. Genius Korea, a branch of the US digital music platform Genius, announced through their official account that BTS Jungkook’s self-composed song “Still With You” has climbed to the top spot on the charts.


In particular, “Still With You” achieved first place on Genius Korea’s K-R&B chart, despite being released for free back in 2020 and approximately three years having passed since then.

On the same day, “Still With You” also secured the top spot on the Pop section of the Top 50 chart of global music sharing platform SoundCloud, further proving the unwavering love from global music fans.

“Still With You” not only topped the SoundCloud streaming charts for pop songs in 2022 but also claimed the title of “BUZZIEST DROP” (most popular debut song) and “LONGEST REIGN” (longest time at number one) in the 2020 PLAY BACK year-end rankings on SoundCloud, within less than 6 months of released


In addition to “Still With You”, Jungkook’s solo songs such as “Euphoria” topped the Genius Korea K-Pop chart, while the unreleased demo song “Decalcomania” reached first place on the Genius TOP100 chart in the All Genres and Pop categories, as well as the K-Pop Ballad chart.

Furthermore, the original soundtrack (OST) “Stay Alive” for the Naver webtoon “7FATES: CHAKHO” swept the top spot in the K-OST Songs section of the 2022 Year-End Genius Korea Chart.

Meanwhile, there have been rumors of Jungkook’s solo album release in July, with reports suggesting that an English song will also be included, generating explosive interest from media outlets and music fans worldwide.

Source: Nate 

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