BTS Jungkook’s case: antifans’ systematic activity, from plotting to reporting

Currently, fans are reporting that BTS Gallery is a community that spreads false rumors against BTS members, including Jungkook, by downgrading and disparaging Billboard records as manipulation and many other accusations. Fans are only going there to collect PDF as evidence for reporting. 

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Wikipedia and Namuwiki define BTS gallery as “usually hard to use due to 24-hour antifan-like accounts“. The hate posts began to flood to the point where it was almost impossible to get rid of all the annoying posts, and fans just move to minor galleries instead.”

BTS gallery has not only intentionally mass-produced rumors and distributed them to various communities and SNS over weeks to damage BTS Jungkook’s image, but have systematically reported them to domestic and overseas media, for example, “Let’s find the reporter who mentioned BTS’ plagiarism and report it to him”. They even plotted, “The presidential election is just around the corner, so let’s report it to lawmakers so they can use it to cover political scandals”.

It was also revealed that BTS Gallery filed a complaint to the Fair Trade Commission as a last resort after there was no news despite continued reports. Even though ARMYs filed a complaint with the Fair Trade Commission after such plotting from antis, they are still very angry at the fact that they cosplayed as fans, pretending like it was the opinion of the fandom, and pretended like they reported the news as it is when the complaint result was not even out yet.

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In many online communities, netizens responded to the allegations of Jungkook’s false advertising, saying, “Why is it controversial?”, “I only see it as an overreaction”, “He only wore it twice out of a lot of clothes. Should he take it off before going on air then?”, “Does Jungkook have to make his own clothes now?”, “It’s unreasonable to say it’s false advertising if you just wear the clothes without saying anything”… After hearing the Fair Trade Commission’s review guidelines for recommendations and guarantees, there were also voices of anger against the anti-fans who refuted each detail and pretended to be fans.

When the process starting with the spread of systematic rumors that led to a series of follow-up reports was revealed, ‘BIGHIT PROTECT JUNGKOOK’ ranked 6th, ‘SPEAK UP FOR JUNGKOOK’ ranked 17th, and ‘STAND UP FOR JUNGKOOK’ ranked 22nd on Twitter worldwide real-time trend. These hashtags were trending in 31 countries including the United States and Canada, followed by messages to support Jungkook.

bts jungkook

In addition, ARMYs said that they are conducting a truck protest with videos supporting Jungkook and messages urging the agency to actively protect artists, as a response to the ongoing ‘overreact controversial’ by antifans.

On the other hand, in regards to Jungkook’s false advertising complaint, an official from the Fair Trade Commission responded through a media outlet, “It seems difficult to say that Jungkook’s action is ‘false advertising’ based on what has been disclosed so far.”

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