BTS Jungkook ranked #1 on Google Search with his “vampire concept” solo photoshoot

Right after BTS’s Jungkook released his solo photoshoot cuts, his name swept the No.1 spot on global websites, including Twitter and Google, arousing explosive interest from fans.

Jungkook’s solo photoshoot cuts were released on BTS’s official SNS accounts at midnight on August 12th with the caption “Me, Myself, and Jung Kook” and hashtags, such as #Photo_Folio and #Editor_JK.

Jungkook in the pictorials caught the eyes of fans and netizens with his red eyes and red lips, giving off a fatal aura and intense atmosphere reminiscent of a vampire. He also showed off his high-level sexy homme fatale charm through details, such as his captivating gaze and messy wet hair. 

Jungkook wore a unique blouse with frills and presented an antique vibe, flaunting his charming statue-like visual even through the shaking effect of the photo.

Fans responded enthusiastically, saying “Black hair, red eyes, and smudged lips? OMG, it looks like a vampire concept”, “#Editor_JK ends the game”, “Vampire Jungkook is gradually giving us something, starting with an amazing photoshoot”, “I can’t wait to see the birthday photoshoot produced by director Kook”, “Editor Jungkook? Vampire concept mission 129!! That’s why he’s sweeping the real-time top searches on global websites”, “If you want to release it on your birthday then open the pre-order now. Please sell itㅠㅠ”, “My heart races because of everything Jungkook does”, “I can’t believe chose this homme fatale concept. His lips, eyes, and gaze are so sexy. You stole my heart”, “If he releases a photobook, I would have to buy it”, “This is really a legendary birthday present”, “He has everything, sensual, sexy, captivating, homme fataleㅜㅜ I’ll take some heart medicine and wait for its release”, etc.

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On Twitter’s Worldwide trends on the same day, Jungkook-related keywords “JEON JUNGKOOK” and “JUNGKOOK” rose to dominate the 1st place, followed by No.2 “VAMPIRE JUNGKOOK”, No.3 “#Editor_JK”, No.6 “#Photo_Folio”, No.7 “MYSELF AND JUNGKOOK”, No.8 “VAMPIRE JK” and No.20 “JJK1 IS COMING”.

The keyword “JUNGKOOK” also ranked 1st place on Twitter’s U.S real-time trends. It was followed by No.2 “VAMPIRE JUNGKOOK”, No.3 “MYSELF AND JUNGKOOK”, No.5 “VAMPIRE JK, and No.12 “JEON JUNGKOOK”. In addition, “Vampire” topped Twitter’s Korea real-time trends and “#Editor_JK” was also found at No.9.

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In particular, this BTS member Jungkook also proved his huge popularity in Korea and around the world through Google, the world’s largest search device, with his name climbing to No.1 in vampire-related searches worldwide.

Famous U.S music media outlets, such as Billboard, entertainment media sites Soompi, Allkpop and koreaboo, Purebreak Brazil andPop Line (Brazil), Rolling Stone India, Bollywood Life and LatestLY (India), La Republica, MTVLA, Celeb Arab, The Hollywood Report, etc. quickly delivered the news, highlighting the vampire concept and fans’ expectations.

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Meanwhile, Jungkook has been active as a “director” of video production and photo content “Golden Closet Film (G.C.F)” and “Golden Close Picture (G.C.P)” with his participation in photoshoot works from the planning stage to preparing the concepts, costumes and props.

Jungkook’s photoshoot will be released on September 1st. Starting with teaser images, mood teasers, concept films, and preview images will be unveiled one after another before the official release, raising high expectations for Jungkook’s reinterpretation of an “intense” concept that he has not revealed so far.

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