BTS Jungkook causes a “worldwide out-of-stock” to Calvin Klein after being appointed Global Ambassador 

The products worn by the idol were quickly sold out in several countries. 

On March 28th, Jungkook (BTS) was announced Global Ambassador to Calvin Klein to join the 2023 spring campaign. At the time of the announcement, the items worn by Jungkook were quickly sold out on official websites around the world, including the stores in the United States, Korea, China, Japan, and Canada.


The items out of stock were the white relaxed fit standard logo and archive logo crewneck t-shirt models and other jeans items worn by the singer. 

Following the ambassador announcement, Calvin Klein’s official Twitter account gained an additional of more than 200,000 followers, increasing to 4.03 million followers in 26 hours after Jungkook’s appointment post. 


The reels about Jungkook on Calvin Klein’s official Instagram exceeded 25 million and 10 million views, respectively, ranking first and second in the “most” views ever.

Since the release of the pictorial on the 28th, Calvin Klein’s official Instagram posted a message saying, “We are experiencing an abnormally huge flood of messages.”

Meanwhile, Jungkook has continued to have “incomparable” brand impact and influence. His appearance in hanbok as airport fashion drove sales up by 10 times.

Source: Nate 

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