BTS Jin said, “As a Korean, of course, I will do my best to finish my military service”

The members of BTS – the boy group who is gaining hot popularity around the world – have directly mentioned about their enlistment in the future.

The U.S CBS’ “Sunday Morning” revealed some parts of the interview with BTS on the 19th (KST). In the interview, Jin surprised fans by mentioning the “military enlistment” that would bring about a long hiatus for the team.

Jin said, “As a Korean, of course, we should join the army. We are preparing to respond to the call from my country which will come someday, and we will do our best,” he said.

Regarding joining the military, RM also said, “Just enjoy our current activities and focus at this moment is all that we can do.

Jin, who was born in 1992 and is the oldest member of BTS, is 28 years old this year. With the revision of the Military Service Act last year, it became impossible for celebrities and others over the age of 28 to delay their enlistment for the reasons such as going on to graduate schools or being the public relations ambassador for institutions.

The length of time for non-commissioned military service holders aged 25 to 27 to delay their enlistment through permission to travel abroad has also decreased from three years to two years.

As a result, Jin, who will turn 28 will have to get enlisted in 2020, followed by Sugar (born in 1993) in 2021, then RM and J-Hope (born in 1994) in 2022.

The issue regarding BTS’ enlistment in the military is being compared to those in sports and classical music. Although both sports and pop industry contributed to the promotion of national prestige, special military service benefits are given only in sports and some people are calling for a revision of the law.

Rep. Ha Tae-kyung of the Bareunmirae Party pointed out, “If you win the first prize at a classical music contest, you will receive a special exemption from military service, but you won’t receive the same benefit from winning the Billboard No. 1 spot as a pop musician“.

Despite such changes in social voices, however, all of BTS’ former members have expressed their willingness to join active service.

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