BTS Jin joins MapleStory planning team, to release web variety show “Office Worker Kim Seokjin”

BTS Jin gets to live out his fanboy dream, as he gets to join Nexon, the producer of his favorite game MapleStory.

BTS Jin, who has always claimed to be a “real fan” of MapleStory, recently joined this game’s company, Nexon, as an intern of the planning team. Stories about Jin’s company life can be seen through the web variety program “Office Worker Kim Seokjin”, which will be released sequentially from August 16th. 

On August 13th, Nexon announced that it will conduct a collaboration between the online game MapleStory and global superstar BTS Jin. This collaboration is based on the concept of Jin, who is known as a long-standing fan of MapleStory, joining the planning team of this game as a one-day intern.

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Nexon plans to introduce Jin’s company life in subsequent episodes of the web variety program “Office Worker Kim Seokjin”, which will be released on the official YouTube channel of MapleStory. Earlier on August 10th, the first teaser video of BTS Jin going to work at the Nexon office building was released, raising expectations, and the second teaser video was also released on August 12th. Episode 1 of  “Office Worker Kim Seokjin” will be available on August 16th.

The collaboration was highly anticipated as Jin’s Nexon employee ID photo was first released on the male idol’s personal Instagram. For a long time, Jin has consistently shown his deep affection for MapleStory, like buying the game’s bread and visiting the orchestra performance “Symphony of MapleStory”.

Previously in 2020, BTS also collaborated with this famous game.

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Nexon director Kang Won Ki, who oversees the development of MapleStory, said: “I am delighted to be collaborating again with Jin of BTS, who has always shown a deep affection for MapleStory. Please pay a lot of attention to future episodes, which will show interviews, planning teams, and Jin’s participation in planning meetings.”

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