BTS Jin is the most mentioned person at the 2021 BBMAs

BTS Jin is the number one most talked about character at the Billboard Music Awards in 2021, and the male idol has shown a distinct influence.

On the 25th, NetBase Quid, a US consumer and market research platform, announced the 10 most mentioned artists in 2021 BBMAs on social networks.  In this survey, Jin was ranked first.


This is not the first time Jin’s appearance has become such a hot topic.  When BTS, who were first invited to the BBMAs in 2017, appeared on the red carpet, foreign netizens’ eyes focused on Jin, who was third from left.

That’s because Jin’s appearance was dazzling enough to make people, who don’t care about BTS as well as K-POP, enthusiastic.

The interest poured into a man of unparalleled beauty made a huge impact and created a new ‘meme’.  It’s the ‘three-left-man’ (third man from the left).  Billboard even picked ‘three-lefr-man’ in the top 10 memes of the year.

Billboard referred to the ‘three-left-man as the memes of the year on its homepage. “This name quickly spread to increase the group’s social presence and made BTS a name that everyone in the US knows. This is all thanks to the third man from the left.”  

Source: Nate

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