BTS Jimin’s summer outfits draw admiration, a true and tried fashion icon

Jimin, a member of boy group BTS, creates a refreshing atmosphere with his summer fashion that draws admiration.

Various iconic looks of BTS Jimin in the summer are introduced by American media allkpop and Korean media Nate. Below are some of these sophisticated outfits, which boasts a perfect fashion sense, whether it is casual or formal. 

BTS Jimin

First, Jimin’s look in the 2021’s “Butter” concept photo, where he can be seen leaning on a car seat with red hair and a white sleeveless t-shirt, is simply a treat for the eyes. 

Then, Jimin’s 2019 summer package photoshoot, where the male idol donned a white T-shirt with a colorful cardigan on top, managed to exude a comfortable yet stylish charm. 

For a beach outing under the nice weather, Jimin also has just the perfect look. Simply dressed in denim shorts with a checkered flannel, the male idol showed a friendly appearance as he sat against a beach backdrop while holding a three-colored cat mentioned in the lyrics of his solo song “Serendipity”

According to Nate and allkpop, Jimin’s most stylish summer fashion was none other than orange top and black slacks Jimin wore during the 2020 online concert “Bang Bang Con The Live”.

BTS Jimin

At the time, Jimin’s fair skin contrasting with the color of the outfit showcased his simple yet true fashionista qualities, and the look immediately became a hot topic and caused a frenzy of sold-out items after official photos were released.

For performance outfits, Jimin’s red shirt with bold slits, coupled with black skinny pants during the “Fire” era, is simply one of the most iconic out there. Followed closely is Jimin’s fishnet knit that created a buzz on social media during “Proof”, which is beautiful yet casual. 

BTS Jimin

Finally, among Jimin’s airport fashion, his blue-striped shirts with black shorts, as well as simple white shirt with beige shorts, are mentioned as looks that help Jimin turn the airport into his own “personal runway”

On the other hand, Jimin is considered one of the fashionistas in the entertainment industry, as he showcases trendy and luxurious styling with his innate body proportion, excellent fashion sense, and ability to digest various concepts. Now, fans are excited to see what fashion items he will bring to life and energize this summer.

Source: Nate, allkpop

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