BTS Jimin’s “Filter” hits 180 million streams on Spotify

BTS Jimin’s solo song “Filter” is making history of Korean solo songs by breaking 180 million streams on Spotify, the world’s largest music platform.

According to Spotify’s record on July 23rd, Jimin’s solo song “Filter” recorded a total of 180,845 streams on this platform,.

It is the fastest record among Korean men’s solo songs, the first record after a year and five months since its release. In celebration of the new milestone of “Filter” by fans around the world, #FilterByJimin180M and Congratulations Jimin were on the global Twitter real-time trend, especially in India, with more than 32 keywords trending in nearly 20 countries.

The world also celebrated the filter’s new record, ranking third in the Japanese celebrity real-time ranking, and media outlets around the world including the U.S. media “World Music Award,” Mexico’s “La Verdad Noticias” and India’s “Oneindia eNews” quickly reported the news.

“Filter” is also the most streamed official audio track among Korean solo artists on YouTube, and it currently has 63.93 million views, ranking first in 112 iTunes countries in the world, creating a “filter craze” on all music platforms including streaming and sales.

In addition, “Filter” ranked 11th on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart (July 24), which was released on the 20th, proving its unwavering popularity with a 70-week chart-in record.

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