BTS Jimin’s 4 colors of charm in an Indonesia’s show

BTS Jimin received attention on Indonesian TV shows with his sweet stage and exciting interviews.

On 23 April, BTS appeared on the ‘Extra Ramadan Special TV Show’ of Tokopedia. This is one of Indonesia’s largest e-commerce companies. BTS performed the ‘Life Goes On’ and had an interview.

Tokopedia heightened the atmosphere by posting Jimin’s solo image on the official SNS before the broadcast.

When the broadcast began, Jimin was admired for the ‘real man’ appearance. He boldly removed the lower stick in order to choose the question without destroying the large Jenga tower.

When asked about an interesting episode in the process of preparing for ‘Life Goes On’, he replied that “when I take a music video shooting, I always think as if I had never taken such fun shooting before. This makes me more comfortable.’

In an interview on the album ‘BE’, member Suga praised Jimin “I like it when he worked so hard on organizing music”. It is known that Jimin was in charge of the music production manager (Music PM).

Jimin showed off a scene in a movie on the stage of ‘Life Goes On’. He also took the interview with full sincerity and comforts.

On the outdoor terrace of a high-rise building, with the background changing from the time of dawn to the dark night of starry, Jimin showed up with the classic jacket and all-white outfit. This brought the illusion of meeting an angel.

His stable tone captivated the audience, the delicate technical vocals revealed the emotion line for each syllable. Jimin brought the perfect facial expression to convey the message in the lyrics. The luxury harmony made the fans become more enthusiastic.

Fans left the comments: “Jimin’s song is always healing”; “He sings well, but I am more impressed with the way he delivers the lyrics”; “The chorus part is also fantastic”; “I thought he was a real angel singing”

Source: Nate

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