BTS Jimin won’t appear on “The Graham Norton Show” due to severe neck and back pain

Because of health issue, BTS Jimin will be absent on “The Graham Norton Show”.

On October 12th, Big Hit Entertainment announced on their official Twitter that Jimin, who was scheduled to appear on British talk show “The Graham Norton Show” wouldn’t participate in the recording of the show.

According to the announcement, Jimin had to receive medical treatment since the morning of the filming day for “Graham Norton Show” due to severe pain in his neck and back.

We tried to participate in the recording after arriving at the broadcasting station, but we decided not to proceed with the recording due to Jimin’s physical condition“. “I sincerely apologize to all of the fans who have been waiting for all of the members,” said the official while delivering the news on Jimin’s health condition.

It was regretfull that Jimin had to be absent from “The Graham Norton Show,” a famous talk show on the BBC channel. This episode will be broadcasted on the morning of October 13th. Meanwhile, BTS is currently performing concerts on their “LOVE YOURSELF” world tour.

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