BTS Jimin treated fans with his unbeatable charm at Taiwan concert

BTS Jimin is again drawing attention. He showed off his cute and sexy charms at the same time at a concert in Taiwan.

BTS’ World Tour “Love Yourself” concert was held in Taiwan on December 9th. They captivated fans with powerful performances and overwhelming live performances.

Among them, there was a member who caught fans’ eyes for his antiwar charm. This is Jimin. Jimin showed his cute act to fans before the show.

He also raised his hands and make cute gestures. He even smiled on the stage with a heartwarming smile.

But on stage, he showed off his sexy charisma. He swept his body and had a sexy wave. He also made a fascinating smile.

Even when being caught by the camera, he gave off anti-war appeal. He swept his head with a frowning expression. Then he looked at the camera and gave a pretty kiss.

Fans responded to Jimin‘s appearance by saying: “The mood changes completely,” “Dancing makes you look like someone else,” “I can’t take my eyes off you,” and “It’s refreshing and awesome.”

Source: Dispatch

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