BTS Jimin ranked 1st in Boygroup’s individual Brand Ranking chart, followed by Kang Daniel

The results were based on the analysis of boygroup’s individual’s big data in September 2018

According to the result, 1st place was BTS Jimin; 2nd place was WANNA ONE Kang Daniel and 3rd place was BTS Jungkook.

Other than Jimin and Jungkook, the other members in BTS also made it into Top 30 of this ranking chart. To be specific, RM came right after Jungkook at 4th place, then he was followed by V at 5th place. Jin ranked 8th place; Suga ranked 9th place and J-Hope ranked 12th place.

As the one who claimed  the top spot of the list, Jimin is usually praised to be “sexy and loving” and two of the most searched keywords involved him were “Billboard” and “Youtube”.

BTS Jimin

Meanwhile, a boy group’s individual brand index is an indicator created by analyzing big data to find out consumers’ online habits that greatly affect brand consumption. Through the analysis of the boy band’s individual brand reputation, it is possible to measure the positive assessment of the boy band’s individual brand, media interest and communication between consumers.

Source: OSEN

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