BTS Jimin is going to have the greatest birthday ever as Chinese fans are planning to sponsor a plane with an exclusive theme

About four months before Jimin’s birthday (October 13th), his Chinese fans are launching an all-time birthday sponsorship project with an exclusive plane that will fly over the sky.

The BTS’ member’s large Chinese fandom ‘JIMIN-BAR CHINA’ announced on SNS on the 16th that “Park Ji Min’s 27th birthday celebration project Part.1 is the operation of a customized private jet in partnership with Jeju Air”.

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Jimin-Bar China said:. “This is the first time Jeju Air has produced an exclusive airplane for an idol,” and; “It is expected to have a high publicity effect because of Jeju Air’s high frequency of exposure.”

The Chinese fandom announced that ‘Jimin’s exclusive theme plane’, in which the entire plane is wrapped with his photo (not only the aircraft body but also the airline ticket and in-flight cup set) is being specially produced under the theme of ‘Happy Jimin Day’. The exclusive theme plane runs for a whopping three months. The start date of the operation will be announced later, drawing attention from fans around the world. In response, Japanese Hallyu media “Wowkorea” and “Kor_celebrities” have quickly reported this event.

Every year in October, Jimin’s birthday month will be ‘Jimin+October’. This month experiences various expensive events and meaningful donations from fans around the world to celebrate his birthday.

Jimin-Bar China has proven their infinite love for the idol by conducting only legendary support based on fresh ideas and driving force, promised endless support for him with the words:. “Happy 27th birthday, we will cheer for you and support you forever.”

Source: Nate

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