BTS J-Hope’s support for crew HOLYBANG (Street Woman Fighter) and his friendship with HOLYBANG Hertz

BTS J-Hope cheered for the dance crew HOLY BANG.

On September 17, J-Hope posted a photo on Weverse, BTS’s fan community platform.


J-Hope captured a scene from Mnet’s show “Street Woman Fighter” when the dance crew HOLYBANG was performing for the Mega Crew Mission. He gave his cheer for HOLYBANG by adding a thumbs-up emoticon in the photo.

Before debuting with BTS members, J-Hope used to be a street dancer under the stage name “Smile Hoya”. During that time, he stood out from other dancers by winning many awards in various dance battles. In fact, Hertz, a member of the dance crew that J-Hope supported – HOLYBANG, came from the same dance academy as J-Hope.


When Hertz heard the news saying that J-Hope watched her team’s stage on “Street Woman Fighter”, she posted her gratitude to Ho Seok (J-Hope’s real name) on her SNS story.

Earlier, Hertz once left a message to praise J-Hope’s personality; she said, “Ho Seok is a very nice person. I always hoped that he would do well, but he actually succeeded 1000 times better than I thought.”

Meanwhile, J-Hope’s group, BTS, will leave for New York, U.S.A, on September 18 to attend the 76th UN General Assembly and the Korea-U.S Exchange ò Fallen Soldiers’ Remains as a special envoy for culture and future generations.

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