BTS J-Hope was praised by a Japanese dance expert, “He’s the No.1 dancer in KPOP, his skill is getting better”

BTS J-Hope’s dance skill has become a hot topic again.

On the 26th of last month, J-Hope went on live for 40 minutes to show fans how he practices dancing on Naver Vlive. On July 26 and August 2, Arata (a Japanese dancer, choreographer, and lecturer at Tokyo International School) uploaded videos on his own channel, “Arata Dance School”, and gave his comments on J-Hope’s dance practice live.

From the perspective of an expert in dancing, Arata has done many dance analyzing videos of almost every KPOP artist since 2018. As for J-Hope, he especially praised J-Hope’s dance skill and called him as “dance master”.

Arata said, “I watched the video with an attitude of watching a performance from every other dancer, leaving behind the idea that J-Hope has already been famous for dancing. However, I got goosebumps and was so surprised at his dance skill. He has improved a lot.”

He added, “I consider him as the No.1 dancer in KPOP’s street dance and freestyle dance. I have seen many other KPOP artists dance; so far, no one seems to have reached his level. His skill could be compared to the top-class dancers in the world.”

Arata pointed out that J-Hope usually removes the rhythm at first; he added some grooves to the poppin’ movements and rides on the rhythm. Arata called J-Hope “dance master of hip-hop genre”. Arata explained, “He could perform a lot of techniques with just a basic rhythm. His ability to adjust the texture of his movement is excellent.”

Moreover, Arata added, “He can combine pop and hip-hop style; he adds detailed movements in the joint parts; he can perform the ‘STOP’ technique which is the stops while riding on notes. His switching of toes is excellent. He also knows the leg techniques for breakdancing and b-boy dance.

Arata complimented J-Hope, saying, “I acknowledge the amount of hard work that the ‘master’ had poured into practicing and improving his dance skills in just a short video.”

Meanwhile, on  August 18, J-Hope’s dance practice video has gained more than 1.03 billion views, proving that J-Hope is receiving great love from the public.

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