BTS J-Hope apologizes to Conan O’Brien ‘Curtain, Sorry‘

BTS J-Hope has apologized for not knowing the name of famous American MC Conan O’Brien.

BTS appeared on a collaboration variety show Run BTS! x Fifteen Nights On A Business Trip on May 4. While they identified various celebrities in a game, J-Hope shouted “ Curtain”  when he saw Conan O’Brien’s picture. After the broadcast, he took to Twitter and apologized to Conan O’Brien “Sorry, Curtain”

Conan O’Brien also introduced the video in his ongoing broadcast “I’ll get you, BTS. Oh, I’ll get you good. And by that, I mean I’ll silently resent you. I have no power to do anything to you. You’re going to go on to have huge success. I’m very old and I’m coming off the stage now,” he said tactfully.

After J-Hope’s apology, Conan O’Brien replied on SNS, “In Hobie’s defense, Curtain makes about as much sense as being named Conan”.  Fans shared their conversation and responded that it was fun.

Meanwhile, BTS will make a comeback with ‘Butter’ on May 21.

Source: Nate

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