BTS is the youngest to receive this “Lifetime Achievement” at GMA 2019 but fans still find it unfair because of this

The lacking VCR of BTS in the GMA made the fan community angry.

At the 2019 Gaonchart Music Awards ceremony, which took place on January 23, despite not attending, BTS was the artist that won the most trouphies with 3 major awards. Thanks to its record-breaking album sales, the group won the “Artist of the Year (Album)” award (similar to Bonsang) consecutively in the second and third quarters. Besides, the Bulletproof boys were also honored to receive the “K-Pop Contribution of the Year” award, an award that honors those who have made great contributions to the development and promotion of Korean music. Thereby, BTS has officially become the youngest artist to receive this noble title after only 6 years of making music, standing alongside other famous names such as Lee Soo Man, Sech Kies, …

BTS was honored to receive the “Lifetime Achievement” award at GMA 2019

However, even though a VCR was dedicated in honor to the Bighit boygroup, the MGA organizers still got bashed by ARMY (BTS’ fandom) because they thought that they had treated member V unfairly. Specifically, in the video, if the inspirational quotes from all the other 6 members were shown to the audience, V’s wasn’t. Fans even realized that the citation of Suga’s was repeated twice.

BTS’s VCR at 2019 GaonChart Music Awards
The quotes of other 6 members are displayed in the VCR but V’s is not
The quotes of other 6 members are displayed in the VCR but V’s is not

This omission caused fans to think that the organizers were not dedicated and V deserved to be respected and treated more equally as an indispensable “piece” of BTS.

  • ” Did Taehyung (V) do something wrong to be treated like that? Has he always worked hard and devoted over the past years to receive this unfair treatment?”
  • “I have just started to follow BTS on twitter since June but how many times have I seen errors like this happen to V. He’s not invisible, he’s also a member of BTS.”
  • “Send an apology to Taehyung. We don’t want him to be sad because he didn’t see his name along with his brothers’. Send Taehyung an apology.”

Sources: k14

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