BTS is the group that started off MAMA 2018’s campaign #LikeMAMA

The #LikeMAMA campaign, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of Mnet Asian Music Awards, will begin on October 23rd.

Artists and global fans who like ‘MAMA’ and challenge themselves with dreams and passion like ‘MAMA’ are joining this campaign. The first artist to appear in a special interview for this campaign is BTS, the global boygroup who is making history every day.

On October 23rd, two videos were released on the official website of Mnet Asian Music Awards. Starting the “#LikeMAMA” campaign was BTS’ Suga and V talking about “challenges”. They spoke up their thoughts on “challenges”, their feelings while facing the challenges and their attitude towards the challenges in the future that they might come across.

I am happy that I’ve achieved things that I didn’t dare to dream of” Suga said in a calm statement, “I have great fear beyond pleasure,” and “I am willing to face endless challenge to achieve bigger things like the Billboard Hot 100 or the Grammy awards” “The biggest challenge and task to accomplish is to portrait the same song differently from stage to stage,” V said.

Special videos of Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, RM and Jungkook will be uploaded on the 24th, following Suga and V.

Starting with BTS, special interview videos of artists who share their special moment in the Korean pop music scene will be released sequentially. The interviews reveal their thoughts and experiences with the keywords “MAMA 2018” about challenges, passion and dreams
Up until the global music awards ceremony, global fans who have supported ‘MAMA’ for 10 years will be given the opportunity to attend the ceremony. Until November 30th, when a handwritten post about their challenge and dream is posted on SNS with the”#LikeMAMA” hashtag, a total of six people will be chosen each week. The final “MAMA Challenger” out of the six will be awarded ticket and expense to attend MAMA 2018.

Meanwhile, ‘MAMA 2018’ begins on December 10th with ‘MAMA 2018 Premiere in Korea’ on December 12th at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). Online voting for each category will take place through the official website of the MAMA 2018 from 6PM November 1st to midnight on December 9th (Korean time).

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