BTS is now, no doubt, the nation’s first choice!

The Blue House has announced that BTS was chosen to appear in their limited calendar. 

Recently, the Blue House – the executive office and official residence of the South Korean’s President – officially released a limited set of calendar called “Korea Bucket List” only for the year 2019. This publication consists of one of the best details in Korea’s culture, society, economy, and landscapes. These sets of calendars will be presented to 80 diplomatic offices and Korean Culture Center all over the world to promote about South Korea and its people.

Noticably, BTS also appears in this calendar to represent the K-pop wave. This surprised many K-Pop fans because differentsfrom SM’s stars and veteran artists who usuallyappears at political events, BTS barely appears at those.

However, due to their extravagant achievements on an international scale in the past 2 years, BTS has become the leading group of K-Pop waves and is one of the most well-known names abroad. They have set many records on album sales, digital sales, international awards. BTS is currently one of the idol groups having a big international fanbase. Especially at the American music industry, they have become a hit, surprised every music critics. And even President Moon Jae-in cannot resists these boys from Big Hit Entertainment.

With all the dedication on promoting South Korea’s music and culture, it’s easy to understand that they are chosen to be in the Blue House’s calendar. Many K-pop fans see this as a fact that Blue House is seeing BTS as “the nation’s first choice” at the moment.

Source: tinnhac

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