BTS is going to receive the Journalists’ Association’s “Proud Korean Grand Prize”

The Korea Press Association (KFA) announced on the 11th that it has selected 12 people including BTS as the recipient of this year’s 18th annual “Proud Korean Grand Prize.”

BTS will be awarded in the music category. Kim Ki-byeong – chairman of Lotte Tourism Development Co. for the economy category, Yeom Jae-ho – president of Korea University, and Yang Seung-jo – governor of South Chungcheong Province for administration, will receive the award for innovation in their categories. In addition to the names above are singer IU (donation angel), Park Hang-seo – Vietnam’s national football team coach (national prestige in sport enhancement), Park Sang-jong – director of the Social Welfare Council (Sharing Charity), Kim Sung-soo – director of traditional lacquered art gallery (traditional lacquered painting art), Kim Ok-hee – head of the government administration of the Academy of Pellent Medicine (medical service), Oh Changgyo – chairman of the Atto Research (IT industry), Kim Junseong – Jeonnam honor governor (local administration) and In Jaegeun – chairman of the National Assembly (increase in civil rights). The award ceremony will be held at the Convention Hall of the Kookmin Ilbo building in Yeouido, Seoul on December 12th afternoon.

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