BTS has returned home after finishing their mission as a special presidential envoy

It is reported that BTS has finally returned to Korea after completing their schedule for the UN General Assembly in the U.S

After finishing their schedule in New York as a ‘special presidential envoys for future generations and culture’, BTS returned to Korea and arrived at Incheon International Airport on the morning of September 24.


Earlier on September 14, President Moon Jae In awarded a letter of appointment and diplomatic passports to BTS at the Blue House.

Therefore, together with President Moon Jae In, BTS was on a busy schedule in New York, such as giving a speech at the opening ceremony of the 76th UN General Assembly, participating in an ‘SDG Moment’ interview with the UN, and interview broadcasts with ABC News. They also visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Korean Cultural Center in New York, completing their mission as cultural envoys.


In fact, this is the 3rd time BTS spoke at the UN (the 1st and 2nd times were in 2018 and 2020). In this year’s speech, instead of delivering messages based on their experiences, BTS served as a messenger to convey the stories of future generations. They spoke in English in 2017 and in both Korean and English in 2020. However, this time, all 7 members spoke in Korean as they were doing their mission as the Korean presidential envoys.


BTS was busy until the last day of their envoy activities. It is reported that after returning home, BTS will meet fans around the world through their online concert “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” on October 24.

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