BTS has no rival in terms of concert ticket sales

BTS’ ticket sales for the “Love Yourself” world tour stuns all the netizen

On Aug 2nd, BoxScores has updated the ticket sales of K-Pop group’s world tour. On theqoo, these numbers are currently the gossiping topic of Korean netizens.

  • BTS – Love Yourself Tour: 1.473.185 tickets/40 concert, doanh thu 220 billion won
  • TWICE – Daydream Tour: 215.000 tickets/5 concert, ticket sales: 25,9 billion won
  • BLACKPINK – In Your Area Tour: 121.286 tickets/13 concert, ticket sales: 21,3 billion won
  • NCT 127 – Neo City Tour: 56.458 tickets/9 concert, ticket sales 8,57 billion won
  • Red Velvet – Redmare Tour: 29.818 tickets/9 concert, ticket sales 4,84 billion won
  • Winner – Everywhere Tour: 23.800 tickets/6 concert, ticket sales 3,8 billion won

According to Box Scores, TWICE has become the only K-Pop girl group and the 2nd girl group in history (along with Spice Girls) to have a performance tour with an average sales of 3 million USD and 40.000 tickets sold per night. BTS also got in the top 3 artist (along with Ed Sheeran and Elton John) with a 100 million USD in ticket sales in 2019.

Korean netizens are impressed by the “global star” BTS. Their ticket sales far surpasses the sum of all 5 other groups. Even more surprising is that the above numbers are only from the tickets and the goods are not even included yet, which mean the real number is even much larger.

BTS’s “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” night at the Rose Bowl Stadium, the U.S.
BTS’s “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” night at the Rose Bowl Stadium, the U.S.

Aside from BTS, the netizens also compliment TWICE’s accomplishment. With just 5 nights in Japan, the JYP girl group has made 26 billion won with an average of 43.000 audiences per night.

At the same time, BLACKPINK’s achievement is not as glamouring as what YG has mediaplayed on the media. This girl group attracted about 9.000 audiences each night. However, due to the high ticket price, BLACKPINK’s sales is still doing fine compared to the average number of other groups.

TWICE’s “DAYDREAM” concert
TWICE’s “DAYDREAM” concert
BLACKPINK also focused on going on tour in 2019
BLACKPINK also focused on going on tour in 2019

Some comments said: “BTS is definitely on another level that current K-Pop cannot reach”; “It’s obvious that the sales in Japan is much better than going on tour in other countries. Just look at TWICE, a few night with their dome tour and they have made that much money”; “That is just the ticket sales. I can’t imagine how huge will the number be when merch sales in included”; “That is still not the final number because BTS is not donw with their world tour”; “BLACKPINK still have a Japanese dome tour later this year so that number will rise even more”…

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