BTS’ glory days in the U.S; “The Maze Runner” star and an Oscar winner partied hard in BTS’ concert

The time at which BTS’s concert in Forthworth (Texas) was held was a party night for many Hollywood stars.

BTS is continuing their “Love Yourself” tour with a newest stop, Forthworth (Texas, USA). The two nights of the concerts were extremely successful in pleasing the audience with their high-quality performances. However, what caught many people’s attention was the unexpected presence of many Hollywood stars such as Dylan O ‘Brien in “The Maze Runner” and “Teen Wolf’, and Matthew McConaughey, the owner of the prestigious Oscar award.

Matthew Mcconaughey 

Dylan O’Brien

On the second night of the concerts, in Forthworth, the ARMYs discovered that the main character in “The Maze Runner” had secretly attended the concert. Despite his disguise, fans still recognized that he was definitely Dylan O’Brien.
Dylan O’Brien went to BTS’ concert

In addition to Dylan O’Brien, it was even more shocking to see Matthew McConaughey appear at the BTS concert hall. As a Hollywood’s “big” name and an Oscar winner with “Dallas Buyers Club”, the presence of Matthew McConaughey made many people excited because it proved that BTS’ influence is something that can’t be ignored.

Matthew McConaughey also attended the concert

In addition to Dylan O’Brien, Matthew Mcconaughey, many other popular Hollywood actors also showed their support for the seven Bighit boys like Ansel Elgort and Maisie Williams … Hopefully, fans will soon see the reunion moment of them and BTS in the future!

Sources: twt, xct

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