BTS found printed on underwear, Big Hit’s hardship in controlling BTS’ image from being used offensively

Underwear with prints of BTS members is being sold on an online shopping site in China.

BTS reputation is spreading like wildfire through each comeback. The Big Hit Entertainment boys are recognized worldwide as a true international star because of their strong influence in many countries. They are one of the few bands that can reach the top of the industry in spite of their origin as a small company group.

But popularity comes along with troubles that BTS cannot avoid, especially that where their image is increasingly abused. In addition to the official goodies released by Big Hit, there are millions of BTS products sold on the market with many different designs. A normal shirt, printed or attached with BTS name can become a hot product and get sold like hotcakes. Salesmen collect revenue but do not lose a cent paying advertising fees for BTS.

Recently, a sample of BTS printed underwear made for Forudesigns and sold to Chinese customers via Ali Express is found. This is absolutely not a product released by Big Hit and the image of BTS is printed on the piece of clothing in an offensive way. Many ARMYs have reported back to the company to prevent the misusing of their artists’ images.

After receiving many emails from fans, Big Hit Entertainment gave an official response:
Recently, BTS ‘illegal products and content’ seem to be increasing. We consider this as a very concerning issue. The company has established an Artist Protection Department. They are working closely with the help of legal representatives”. The company said they will take decisive actions to intervene with the matter.

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