BTS earns 9 million USD after filming a commercial

According to The Korea Times, BTS’s latest fast-food advertising contract can bring the 7 boys a salary of up to 10 billion won.

According to The Korea Times, BTS’s latest advertising contract has earned revenue beyond expectations. As a result, the group can receive a remuneration of up to 10 billion won for a food advertising contract.

In addition, any brand that wants to hire BTS as a representative must spend at least 3-5 billion won for each contract.  The salary rank of the 7-member group is three times higher than that of other top Korean artists.

In addition, HYBE Corporation also launched a series of items that combine the group’s characteristic images and attached brand names.  The price of each item in the collection ranges from 12-110 USD.  After opening for sale, the above collection can help BTS earn millions of dollars, according to The Korea Times.


With a dense number of advertising contracts and extremely high salaries, BTS is considered one of the artists who earn the most profit from advertising contracts in Korea.  When cooperating with foreign brands, the contract value can be even higher, according to Dispatch.

BTS’s advertising salary is considered to be not too different from world-famous artists.  According to Forbes, in 2020, Travis Scott once collaborated with McDonald’s that BTS is currently representing.  After the promotion campaign, the salary that the famous American artist received was about 20 million USD.

Source: The Korea Times

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