BTS ‘Dynamite’ Selected as Rolling Stone’s ‘500 Greatest Songs’

The hit song ‘Dynamite’ of the global idol group BTS was selected as the ‘500 Greatest Songs in History’ by Rolling Stone.

On the 15th (local time), Rolling Stone released their ‘500 Best Songs’ of all time. Notably, BTS’s ‘Dynamite’ was ranked 346th on this list.


Introducing ‘Dynamite’, Rolling Stone wrote: “BTS’ first-ever U.S. Number One, as well as their first full English-language song, “Dynamite” was a landmark, hegemony-shattering moment for the world-conquering South Korean group. Their intertwined vocal talent, led by youthful standout Jung Kook, put over the track — which was co-written by British producer-songwriter Dave Stewart (not the one from Eurythmics) and Jessica Agombar. Stewart told Rolling Stone that Columbia Records had been looking for an English-language crossover hit for BTS: ‘It had to have tempo, be exciting.… one thing I’m good at is writing to brief.’”

Rolling Stone’s list has been updated for the first time in 17 years since 2014. About 250 people, including guitarist Edge of the famous Irish rock band U2, vocalist Don Henry of the American rock group Eagles, and Mike Big Gain of Universal Music participated in the song selection survey.

Meanwhile, ‘Dynamite’, released by BTS in August last year, is their first English song, and topped Billboard’s main singles chart ‘Hot 100’ for three weeks.

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