BTS dropped on the Billboard Hot 100, Billboard was “terrorized” by ARMY, so they had to delete the post

BTS’s new song slipped on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, although last week it was still at the top.

After Life Goes On – BTS’s latest song debuted at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, bringing the hit Dynamite back to # 3, fans hope that the 2 songs will continue to stand at the top.  But the miracle did not happen when both Life Goes On and Dynamite dropped their rankings on the Billboard Hot 100 this week.

Specifically, the song “Life Goes On”  ranked 28th – down 27 places compared to the first week of release.  This is the song that dropped a lot on the Billboard Hot 100 – just behind Trollz of 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj (falling from # 1 to # 34 in the second week).

BTS Life Goes On Billboard

However, Life Goes On’s position is still quite good for a Korean song.  The title song of the album BE surpassed Boy With Luv (No. 40) to become the song with mainly Korean lyrics that has the highest ranking on the Billboard Hot 100 in the second week.

Better than Life Goes On, the song “Dynamite” only dropped … 7 ranks, and be at No. 10. This shows that the song has a relatively good long-term ability when it has been released for more than 3 months

BTS Life Goes On Billboard

BTS’s new song has dropped dramatically, but this has been predicted by fans because, in addition to the decrease in sales and streaming, the radio broadcast is also very poor.  However, what angered ARMY was Billboard’s controversial tweet.

To announce the ranking of the song Life Goes On this week, Billboard’s Twitter account wrote: “BTS dips from No.1 to No. 28 on the Hot 100”.  Meanwhile, they had peaceful words, not mentioning the biggest drop in the history of the song Trollz last June, although it dropped 33 places.

BTS Life Goes On Billboard
BTS Life Goes On Billboard

This makes fans suspect that Billboard deliberately sarcasm BTS, even some people think that the Big Hit male group is being treated unfairly.  However, there is also an opinion that the ARMY is too sensitive because it’s normal when  Billboard mentioned the deep drop rankings of the songs.

It is not clear what Billboard’s real intentions are. However, after facing the anger of the ARMY, they had to delete the above controversial post and replace it with the tweet announcing the ranking of the songs Life Goes On and Dynamite.

BTS Life Goes On Billboard


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