BTS confirmed to attend MAMA 2020, Wanna One planned to reunite but was strongly opposed by Knet

Besides BTS, Wanna One will likely reunite through a special stage at this year’s MAMA awards ceremony.

On the morning of November 5, BTS was the first artist to confirm their attendance at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA 2020). CJ ENM revealed that they will perform the song from the new album, BE, released on November 20. In previous years, BTS was the owner of countless legendary performances at the MAMA awards ceremony, so fans are extremely looking forward to the performance they will perform on stage this year. 

However, information about the Big Hit male group is not the only thing that excites netizens, because, besides BTS, there is a high possibility that Wanna One – the project group that disbanded in 2019 will reunite through a special stage at MAMA2020. 

Ilgan Sports reported that CJ ENM had proposed a Wanna One reunion performance for 2020 MAMA. The proposal was inspired by the joint performance that former Wanna One members Kim Jae Hwan, Ha Sung Woon, Park Ji Hoon, Lee Dae Hwi, and Park Woo Jin did together at KCON: TACT Season 2 last month. After that, positive searches for Wanna One increased by 20.24%.

CJ ENM has confirmed that they are in discussions for a potential Wanna One performance at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (2020 MAMA). However, up to now, nothing has been confirmed. 

This is good news for fans of Wanna One – who always expect the members to stand on the same stage since the group’s contract ended in early 2019. However, Korean netizens don’t think so. Many people strongly opposed Wanna One’s reunion plan and fiercely criticized Mnet.

Knet commented:

1. Mnet really has no conscience

2. Why Wanna One, not X1?

3. Please let the KCON stage be the last stage, stop it

4. It seems that CJ misses Wanna One the most

5. Stop using kids who are doing well in their own group

6. I really don’t want to see anything related to Produce anymore. Is CJ crazy?

7. Are there many Wanna One members among the MAMA candidates? Why should they attend the awards ceremony when they are not candidates?

8. At MAMA…???? Kang Daniel and Hwang Min Hyun were the only candidates to be nominated, so what will the other members do at MAMA???

9. As expected, CJ is trash

10. Are you crazy? Please leave the kids alone

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