BTS concert ticket thirst reached its peak as a black market ticket is… 60 times more expensive!

Tickets for BTS concerts at some destinations have been completely burned, the ticket side is working hard to make a profit.

BTS’s concerts are a battle to win tickets among fans. The number of tickets sold is limited but the amount of fans participating in the concert is not small. Only those who are quick and lucky can own a ticket to the concert of the bulletproof boy group.

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Recently, BTS officially opened the ticket for the expanded concert called “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” which is mainly held in the Americas and Europe. Although these continents are not the main “areas” of KPOP, Big Hit still confidently choses the venue to be large stadiums with a capacity of up to 90,000 people.

In just 1 night, 300,000 tickets for 5 shows were cleared by ARMY. Specifically, the Rose Bowl (LA) can accommodate up to 100,000 people. The SoldierField (Chicago) field is more modest with 60,000 people. MetLife has 80,000 seats, Stade De France also has 80,000 seats and Wembley can accommodate up to 90,000 people. In addition, because the audience’s demand is so great, Big Hit confirms that BTS will hold another concert at Wembley on June 2nd.

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ARMY’s ticket thirst has been pushed to the peak as an opportunity for bustling black market tickets. Recently, a number of ticket scalpers pushed the ticket price for BTS concert to $ 4,019 (£ 3,037). This price makes fans who have not bought tickets feel desperate because it is too expensive. Meanwhile, the original price of the ticket only ranges from 66 USD ~ 232 USD. Some special seats only cost 265 USD as the highest. Thus, compared to the lowest price, the black market tickets are sold… 60 times more expensive! Although the ticket price is illegal, but because of the needs of the buyers, the tickets are still resold at a high price for fans.

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Before BTS’s strong popularity abroad, Knet couldn’t help but admire: “Imagine what Wembley will look like with ARMY bombs? I hope they will broadcast live”, “The server crashed. Did it collapse in Paris as well? “,” Seriously, this is really crazy. Even for Taylor and Rihanna, the two world artists, they took months to sell out, for over 6 months. While BTS announced the ticket sales information before 10 days and everything disappeared in just 1 minute, I wonder how confident they are, really too strong … sold out all tons of tickets within 90 minute”, etc.

The last chance for fans who want to attend BTS concert at Wembley is an additional concert, which will be on sale on March 8th.

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