BTS choreography video in comfortable outfits was praised by Knet more than MTV VMAs stage

Although BTS does not take care of their clothes, Korean netizens still admire their top performing skills. 

The advantage of BTS is the ability to perform and the boys regularly post dance practice videos to show off their skills. Recently, BTS has revealed a dance practice video for their Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping English single “Dynamite”! The 7 boys dressed comfortably as if they were at home, but this could not cover up their aura and skills.

Because it was just a dance practice video, BTS did not take care of their appearance like when on stage. BTS showed off their skillful and sync choreography with positive energy, just like performing on the real stage, not in the practice room. BTS did not promote in Korea, they performed the song Dynamite exactly once at the MTV VMAs 2020 awards ceremony, so the group’s dance practice video attracted great attention. The excellence of the 7 boys has received a lot of praise from Korean netizens.

Most people comment that the group is getting better and better, everyone is good, but the most attractive ones are still J-hope, Jimin and Jungkook. It is said that the dance practice version of Dynamite is even better than their performance at the recent MTV VMAs 2020 ceremony.

Korean netizens commented:

– As expected of No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100.

– BTS is getting better and better… Jimin and Hobi are the best.

– Wow, everyone danced so well.

– They are really good at dancing. I like the dance practice video so I keep watching it.

– Everyone’s good, but I keep focusing on Jimin.

– Everyone did well. Why are you guys trying to find out who stands out more?

– The dance practice video is even better than the stage at the VMAs.

– V is good at controlling his powers, he’s a stage genius.

– Looking at this, I think you know why Jungkook is the center of BTS. He’s really good.

– How did all the 7 BTS members do so well? Everyone is talented.

After recording #1 Billboard Hot 100 achievement with the song ‘Dynamite’, BTS are attracting a lot of attention from the public. The group completely deserves the praise, they never let the audience down with their stage. Whether practicing or performing, the boys use 100% of their strength, always work hard to improve their skills to deliver the best performances.

Sources: knetizens

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