BTS’s ‘Butter’ was officially removed from all US radio stations because of receiving too much negative feedback?

The ranking of the song “Butter” on the Billboard Hot 100 chart next week will certainly have drastic changes.

This afternoon (August 17), according to information from two Twitter pages specializing in music statistics of ‘Pop Data’ and ‘US Radio Updater’, BTS’sButter‘ was officially withdrawn from all radio stations in America. So, after nearly 3 months of being broadcast on the US radio system, BTS’s ‘Butter’ had to “break up” with the audience here, but do the audience in the United States will feel any regrets about this?

bts butter
bts butter

The withdrawal of ‘Butter’ from the US radio system will seriously affect the song’s ranking on the Billboard Hot 100 next week. The ranking of a song on the Billboard Hot 100 depends on the following indicators: disc sales (digital sales/physical sales), streams on platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, …) and plays on the radio.

This means that next week, Butter will have 0 points in the radio segment. Therefore, the streaming performance of ‘Butter’ will continue to drop week by week, and the huge digital sales will no longer be able to bear it. BTS’s fans first will have to stream hard with digital sales, sometimes even higher than the debut week, and secondly, they will see ‘Butter’ sink down to the lowest positions on the Billboard chart.

Under the comments section, most netizens on Twitter expressed their satisfaction when the song ‘Butter’ officially “dropped” from the US radio system. It is not surprising that ‘Butter’ has caused widespread controversy when it stayed at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 9 weeks in a row.

A series of comments like: “Finally I can listen to the radio again”, “Finally there is good news”, “No stream, no radio, now fans have to pay to buy it.” more”, “See the unpopular song? A #1 ignored”, … appeared flooded below the above information.

bts butter

Many people believe that ‘Butter’ was withdrawn from the radio in the United States because it received too many unfavorable reactions from the American audience. According to the latest updated National Callout statistics, the song only received 59% of the score, while to meet the minimum requirements, a song must have an index of at least 60%.

bts butter

National Callout provides listener feedback and singles feedback to record labels and radio stations. This unit conducts calls to customers who have purchased music items and have been appropriately vetted according to the criteria examined. After listening to the songs, the responses are evaluated and ranked to show the emotional scores, demographic analysis, and trends for each given song. Through this system, ‘Butter’ is currently the song receiving the highest negative feedback across the entire system (28.3).

bts butter


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