BTS’s brother group surpassed BLACKPINK Rosé and set a record with album sales

It was just the first comeback, but BTS’s brother group quickly set an impressive record as a 4th generation group.

On the afternoon of April 27, the rookie male group coming out of the survival show I-LAND, ENHYPEN, officially had their first comeback in their career with the title song Drunk-Dazed and the album BORDER: CARNIVAL.  The Pop Rock song – Drunk-Dazed with lyrics contains strange emotions that the boys feel for the first time after their debut.

ENHYPEN’s new album has a total of 6 songs. Besides the title song Drunk-Dazed, the remaining songs are: Intro: The Invitation, FEVER, Not For Sale, Mixed Up, Outro: The Wormhole.

ENHYPEN is a group under Belift Lab (a sub-label of HYBE Entertainment).  As expected, before its release, the mini-album BORDER: CARNIVAL has exceeded 450,000 pre-order copies.  And only on the first day of sale, this mini-album sold 319,073 copies, even surpassed the first week sales of debut album BORDER: DAY ONE.  This is the highest number that a 4th generation Kpop group has done so far.

More remarkable, compared to the artists who have debuted/made a comeback in 2021, BTS’s brother group is only behind EXO Baekhyun’s BAMBI L, surpassing BLACKPINK Rosé’s -R- (319,073 copies on 1st day). 

Top best-selling album on Hanteo on the first day (from the beginning of 2021 up to now):

 1. BAMBI – Baekhyun: 760,154 copies

 2. BORDER: CARNIVAL – ENHYPEN: 319.073 copies

 3. -R- – Rosé: 282,674 copies

 4. YELLOW – Kang Daniel: 229,795 copies

Source: k14

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