BTS blew up digital music charts, reached an impressive number of album sales and set a new record in just 1 hour

Within the first hour, Life Goes On brought many impressive achievements for BTS.

After many days of waiting, at exactly 14:00 on November 20, fans have finally enjoyed BTS’s latest MV Life Goes On.  The group also released the album BE, including 8 tracks, of which there are 7 songs that the members participated in producing and composing.

With all the enthusiasm and expectation for a new super hit, the achievement of Life Goes On is also extremely positive.

The MV’s premiere views are as high as Dynamite. 

After the premiere, the number of views displayed for the MV Life Goes On reached 3.1 million.  This number is considered to be on par with Dynamite when before that, this MV was confirmed to have more than 3 million premiere views.  However, fans still have to wait for the official announcement of YouTube to know if Life Goes On will set a new record for BTS or not.

Life Goes On is the 2nd fastest MV in the world to reach 10 million views

BTS’s Life Goes On took only 10 minutes to reach 10 million views.  Although it could not break BTS’s previous record with Dynamite (21 minutes), this achievement also ranked second globally.  BLACKPINK’s latest comeback with Lovesick Girls also took 53 minutes to reach 10 million views.  After exactly 1 hour, MV Life Goes On has reached 12 million views.

Debuted at No. 1 on 2 Korean digital music charts and the iTunes US

Within the first 5 minutes, Life Goes On climbed to the top of the Melon chart for 5 minutes, next to Dynamite.  After 1 hour, Life Goes On officially debuted at 1st place on Genie and Bugs, ranked 58th on FLO and ranked 100th on Melon.

In terms of the international market, only about 50 minutes since its release, BE landed at the top of iTunes US album chart.  The album currently dominates the 1st place on iTunes in 15 countries.  Besides, Life Goes On also climbed to No. 1 on the US iTunes song chart.

BTS’s album BE became the best-selling album in Hanteo history

BTS’s BE became the fastest-selling album in the history of the Hanteo chart.  BE reached more than 1.2 million copies in just 36 minutes of release.  Worth mentioning, this album has only 1 version, and its price is slightly more than the previous albums.

On top trending worldwide

BTS’s comeback with Life Goes On received a lot of attention from netizens all over the world.  The hashtags related to the comeback have climbed to the top of Twitter’s global top trending. 

Within the first hour, Life Goes On brought many impressive achievements for BTS.  Wait and see, what new milestones will BTS continue to conquer in the coming hours.

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