BTS attracted multiple foreign media, becoming the center of the Hallyu’s brand

As “IDOL” swept many Japanese music charts after ruling those in Korea and the U.S., the world is paying attention to Kpop idols and the value of Korea’s national brand.

BTS, who recently took 1st place in “Billboard 200”, has also taken over Japan’s Oricon Chart. The re-package album “LOVE YOURSELF: Answer” ranked 1st on the Oricon Weekly Album Chart (from September 3 to September 9) on September 17.

CEO Kim Jinhee of Billboard Korea explained that foreign media outlets are focus on releasing articles about BTS and K-pop culture in general. Experts are beginning to analyze the phenomenon of Korean music and pop music in the U.S market, where unusual Korean albums and music are taking the lead.

The BBC’s global brand strategy analyst Martin Roll said, “For the past few decades, K-pop has proved that it is not just a trend that has passed through.” “The Korean wave (Hallyu) is definitely a bless to Korea” while praising Kpop. Australia’s The Sydney Morning Herald also reported that K-pop plays a big role in accepting the identity of immigrants as Asians.

Jeff Benjamin, a U.S Billboard’s K-town columnist, said in an interview with CNN last May: “BTS and K-pop music are good examples showing that even if the song is not written in English, it is ready to be listened with an open mind.

In particular, Billboard is highly appraised of the potential of Korean singers, including BTS, audition programs like Produce48 and Big Bang’s Seungri. Billboard Korea, the Korean branch of Billboard, is also paying keen attention to the popularity of K-pop and global fandoms.

Billboard Korea said: “K-pop has recently witnessed great success from BTS, BLACKPINK, Loona, and Seungri. We are also trying to spread Kpop culture by providing K-pop Hot 100 chart.”

Sources: Nate

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