BTS and TWICE are the only two Kpop artists receive this certification in Japan

These are the only 2 Korean songs in history to receive platinum certification for streaming in the Japanese market

Since last year, the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) has implemented a new certification system for digital music streaming.  Accordingly, there are four levels to it: Silver (for reaching 30 million streams), gold (for reaching 50 million streams), platinum (for reaching 100 million streams), and diamond (for reaching 500 million streams).

3 months after the release of “Dynamite”, BTS quickly became the first KPOP idol group to achieve platinum certification for streaming.

It was not until recently that the second face was revealed, it was TWICE with the hit song “Feel Special”.

Previously, TWICE conquered a lot of RIAJ platinum and dual platinum certifications in the record sales category. However, this is the group’s first platinum certification for streaming in Japan.

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Congratulations on the impressive achievements of BTS and TWICE!

Source: RIAJ

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