BTOB’s Eunkwang is reported to enlist on August 21st

It is confirmed that BTOB’s leader, Seo Eunkwang will officially enlist on August 21st

According to a source in the industry, Seo Eunkwang will enter the military on August 21 and undergo basic military training before serving as an active-duty soldier.

BTOB’s Eunkwang is reported to enlist on August 21st

This will be BTOB’s first ever enlistment. The group who debuted in 2012 with their 1st single “Insane” has been receiving lots of love and attention with many hit songs such as “Missing You”, “Pray” and “Only One For Me”. Among the members, Seo Eunkwang, who was born in 1990, has been leading the group as the leader and oldest brother. Also, he has been very well-active in many variety shows as well as musicals with his signature eloquence, starting with “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store”, “Hamlet”, “The Goddess Is Watching You”, “The Three Musketeers” and “The Great Showman”.

In addition, BTOB has recently signed a new contract with Cube Entertainment, his current agency, which shows the group’s loyalty to the company. And before his enlistment, Eunkwang is trying to give fans the last presents through many activities he is currently doing.

On the previous August 2nd, BTOB BLUE (consists of Seo Eunkwang, Lee Changsub, Lim Hyunsik and Yook Sungjae) released their new single “When It Rains”. BTOB also plans to meet with their fans through the fifth solo concert “2018 BTOB-THIS IS US” at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul for three days, from August 10th to 12th.

After JoKwon, a member of the same agency joined the military, it is Seo Eunkwang’s turn to follow and become the next member of the “2nd generation idol groups joining the military” and the rush still continues, started with BIGBANG, then 2PM, CNBLUE, BEAST, INFINITE, 2AM and now, BTOB will become “Real Men” for real.

Source: OSEN

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