Breaking the silence after his dating rumor, G-Dragon suddenly became more communicative on SNS

Big Bang G-Dragon is drawing attention because of his being active on SNS.


On August 24, G-Dragon posted several photos on his Instagram and wrote “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

In the photos, various paintings are displayed in a place presumed to be G-Dragon’s house. Through the pictures, fans can realize G-Dragon’s extraordinary taste in arts, from the house’s interior design to the artistic paintings he displayed.

Moreover, G-Dragon made fans happy by including a picture of himself in the series. He frowned his eyebrows while wearing a mask, attracting the fans’ attention for his visual that looks younger than his real age of 34.


Above all, in fact, G-Dragon usually uploads only 2-3 posts a month. Therefore, fans were really surprised at how he has been so communicative on SNS recently. The singer has shared up to 7 content for fans within this month, including his selfies, a birthday post, Big Bang‘s 15th-anniversary post, etc.


Moreover, his being active on SNS contradicts his silence after the dating rumor with BLACKPINK Jennie broke out. In response to the rumor, YG Entertainment, the company of the 2 singers, announced that it was hard to confirm the private life of their artists.

Recently, the company didn’t make any statement about the news that G-Dragon visited Jennie’s photoshoot. In contrast to his company, G-Dragon continued to communicate with fans by uploading more photos on his Instagram.

Seeing how G-Dragon has been so active on SNS, fans are expecting his comeback. They also hope that he will continue to communicate more on Instagram.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon’s house located in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, has recently made headlines as it was reported to be a super expensive penthouse which worth 9 billion won.

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