Breaking: Lucas (NCT) is revealed to be bisexual and have a secret boyfriend, a shocking detail is disclosed

Lucas (NCT) is getting involved in many rumors that are shocking the fans.

Lucas bisexual

The rumors involving Lucas – a member of SM Entertainment‘s boy group NCT have constantly appeared and seemed to have no end. On August 25, on the forum Douban, there suddenly appeared a post written by a young man revealing his past relationship with Lucas, which has shocked the public.

According to this man, he and Lucas used to be dating in 2015. He even published an unreleased video of Lucas as evidence. Notably, this person shared that Lucas is a bisexual with a preference for women. 

Another shocking detail revealed by this person is that Lucas first had sex with a girl when he was only 13 years old. The male singer even took pride in this. Regarding his personality, the NCT member is said to be flirtatious, but when he’s in a relationship, he tends to be clingy and does not know the limit. Moreover, despite being an idol, when he debuted, the male singer did not take care of his idol image. He was still texting back and forth with this ex-boyfriend.

Currently, this post has been deleted on Douban, but netizens have quickly taken screenshots and spread the information on social media. SM Entertainment has not given a response to these rumors, making fans extremely worried.

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A post by the person claiming to be Lucas’s ex-boyfriend on Douban
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