Breaking 2 records of BLACKPINK’s Lisa, BTS’s Jungkook extends his record as a soloist on Spotify  

Jungkook hit 2 million followers on Spotify and held another record that previously belonged to Lisa. 

In September 2021, BLACKPINK’s Lisa launched her solo profile on Spotify before making a solo debut. Up to this point, Lisa has garnered nearly 3 million followers on the world’s largest music streaming platform, making her the second-most followed female K-pop act in the history of Spotify. She is second only to IU


BTS’s Jungkook started having his individual Spotify profile in January of this year and has quickly gained over 2 million followers in about 4 months. 


In February, Jungkook overtook Lisa to become the fastest Korean/Asian solo act to reach 1 million followers on Spotify with only 16 days while it took Lisa 44 days. On May 3rd, Jungkook continued to surpass Lisa to be titled the fastest Korean/Asian soloist to hit 2 million followers on Spotify. It took Jungkook only 81 days to achieve this milestone, helping him break Lisa’s record with 124 days.

BTS Jungkook
BTS Jungkook


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