Brave Brothers needs to buy other Chanel bags for Brave Girls as Chi Mat Ba Ram reached No.1 on digital charts

Brave Girls have just made their comeback with Chi Mat Ba Ram on June 17 and quickly gets positive results on Korean digital charts

Brave Brothers shared his thoughts about No.1 of Brave Girls’ new song ‘Chi Mat Ba Ram’ on the music charts. On the afternoon of the 17th, Brave Brothers captured and posted a real-time chart on a music site saying: “#bravegirls #pride x #conceited x #Modesty #haveyouseenit? #thank God #amen #brave” on his personal SNS.

brave girls

“Can I take a break now? (Just kidding, I’ll do my best),” he added with laughter.

On the other hand, when “Rolling” took first place on the music charts following the reverse run, Brave Girls was given Chanel bag as a gift. Immediately, became a hot topic because of how Brave Brothers still fulfilled his promise.

Brave Brothers promised, “I’ll buy you something better for the next album,” and “I will carry it around then.”

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