Brain explode with episode 4 of Penthouse 3: Yoon Hee discovered a shocking secret, was almost killed by Ju Dan Tae

Episode 4 is definitely the best episode from the beginning of Penthouse 3 so far.

Penthouse 3 – episode 4 opens with a flashback to the previous episode when Seo Jin (Kim So Yeon) asks Jun Ki about Ju Dan Tae’s true identity.  Although she did not know all the truth, Seo Jin was still very gloating because she thought she was about to grasp the heart of Ju Dan Tae (Uhm Ki Joon).  Baek Jun Ki also threatened and forced Ju Dan Tae to give him half of Cheong Ah shares.

Yoon Hee (Eugene) continues to investigate the woman who was killed by Yoo Dong Pil six years ago and Mr. Yoo’s relationship with Ju Dan Tae, which causes President Ju to start keeping an eye on his juniors.  Meanwhile, the Hera association is fighting for the chairmanship of Cheong Ah and Yoon Hee also suddenly announced that she holds up to 20% of the shares.  Seo Jin immediately went to report the bad news to Su Ryeon (Lee Ji Ah) and warned Su Ryeon that Yoon Hee might continue to stab her in the back.

After much suspicion, Yoon Hee finally regains the trust of Su Ryeon when she is just trying to find the other child for Su Ryeon.  As it turns out, Su Ryeon actually had twins but the healthier baby was taken away by Ju Dan Tae.  Because she did not know whether the child that year was alive or dead, Yoon Hee had to secretly investigate and did not dare to publicize the money left by Logan.

Seeing Ju Dan Tae’s strange attitude towards the twins, Yoon Hee began to have doubts.  She secretly took hair samples of Su Ryeon and the twins for testing, but Ju Dan Tae sent someone to follow her to change the results.  Anticipating this, Yoon Hee took the results first and immediately called Su Ryeon to make an appointment and told Su Ryeon to quickly call Seok Kyung home.

President Ju also recalled the scene 6 years ago, indeed that year Na Ae Kyo was not a twin and Seok Kyung – Seok Hoon are also not siblings.  It is for this reason that Ju Dan Tae killed the secret holder, then knelt down and begged Jeni’s father to plead guilty to the murder on his behalf.

Eun Byul (Choi Ye Bin) begins to realize the truth about Ms. Jin and asks for help from Ro Na (Kim Hyun Soo).  Ro Na immediately understood her friend’s intentions, deliberately put on a drama to cause a scuffle between the two, Eun Byul pretended to be injured and was taken away by Seok Hoon (Kim Young Dae). Eun Byul called her mother for help. However, Seo Jin showed a cold attitude, she did not want to take her child home for fear that Ju Dan Tae would harm Eun Byul. Anyway, Seo Jin did not expect that the tutor was a subordinate of President Ju. 

With the help of Seok Kyung, Ms.  Jin successfully kidnapped Eun Byul.  Yoon Hee was in a hurry to talk to Su Ryeon, but when she found out that Eun Byul was arrested, she drove her car to chase her to save Eun Byul. 

Yoon Hee successfully saved Eun Byul, then was chased by Ju Dan Tae on the street.  Knowing that she would most likely not return safely, Yoon Hee tried to call Seok Kyung to inform her that Seok Kyung was Su Ryeon’s biological child, but was repeatedly hit by Ju Dan Tae in the back of the car.  Yoon Hee hit a dead end, was cornered by Ju Dan Tae and Eun Byul didn’t wake up, so she had to get out of the car, trying to keep the car from falling off the cliff.

Source: k14

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