Rookie boy group combining real humans and a virtual member gains attention 

After aespa, another idol group introduced a virtual member. 

Deep Studio Entertainment, a deep-fake technology company and record label, will be launching a 5-member male idol group called SUPERKIND with an AI concept similar to what has been seen with SM’s girl group aespa


In particular, only 4 members of SUPERKIND are actual humans, while member Sae Jin is a virtual character created by AI technology. SUPERKIND’s debut teaser images show that Sae Jin will be the group’s center. 

Sae Jin’s individual debut trailer quickly became a hot topic and has currently gained over half a million views on YouTube. The AI idol’s eye-catching, flawless visuals with pink hair drew praise from fans as he is said to resemble famous boy group members such as NCT’s Jaehyun, TXT’s Soobin, ENHYPEN’s Jake, etc.

The company said, “This new approach does not follow the common path of K-pop groups. We can guarantee that the group will achieve a distinct position and strengthen their global fandom in the future.


SUPERKIND is scheduled to release their first album “PlaySuperkind: Apply for a beta test” on June 20.

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